Opeskin: Skin for Surgical Training

Opeskin: Skin for Surgical Training - LM-021A

  • Realistic Skin Simulation (resilience, mobility, tension and hardness).
  • Accurate feeling when scalpel is inserted.
  • Accurate representation of opening of skin when scalpel enters. (5 mm grid lines are marked)
  • The intradermal suture layer is easily distinguishable by its white color.
  • Practical sensation of "needle hooking" for the intradermal suture can be practiced. Since the layer for intradermal suture is made slightly weaker and easier to cut than real biological tissue, if intradermal suture is safely performed without cutting this layer, there will be no problem when addressing a living body.
  • Feeling of warmth, bleeding, fine wrinkles and friction coefficient have not been replicated.