Injection training Arterial Puncture

Injection training Arterial Puncture Wrist M 99

An essential tool for radial artery puncture training Radial artery puncture is a common approach for blood collection and artery catheterization. However, it is a challenging skill for trainees. This innovative simulator is designed to provide training in arterial puncture with true-to-life feeling.


  • Arterial pulsation is palpable.
  • Realistic resistance of tissue and artery wall felt with the injection needle.
  • Natural flashback of artificial blood into the needle can be observed.
  • Radial arterial line placement can be simulated.
  • No puncture trace remains on the injection site.
  • One-touch, leak-free connections.

Training Skills

  • Radial arterial puncture
  • Artery blood sampling
  • Radial line placement

Manikin Size:

W20 x D9 x H16 cm (manikin size)

W20 x D16 X H13cm (pump size)