Advance CPR Manikins

Advance CPR Manikins

CPR Torso with indicating function R19100

The Torso has a builtin indication function for compression depth and compression rate. The correct compression depth is indicated by an audible "click" sound, the compression rate by a multi-colour light display. Up to 60 compressions per minute a red light lights, above the light changes to orange.

If the student reaches 80 compressions per minute this is shown by one green light. Reaching 100 compressions per minute is indicated by two green light meaning the compression rate is ok. If the student slows down the colours change backwards. If the compression depth is not enough, the lights are shut off immediately and one red light is flashing.The model is supplied with a carrying bag, is easy to clean and needs no special service

6 to 9 month-old CPR Manikin R10056

Economically priced, this manikin of a 6 to 9 month old child has a lightweight, rugged, foam filled body with no internal parts to break.

Features include:

  • Lifelike anatomical landmarks such as nipples, xiphoid process and substernal notch
  • Easy to replace mouth/nose pieces
  • Soft carrying bag

Size: 66 x 20.5 x 20.5 cm,

Weight: 2.8 kg

CPR Trainer Full Body R10052

This easy to transport manikin allows the practice of adult CPR techniques. Optionally child CPR can also be practiced by changing the supplied springs inside the model.

Individual student facemasks with a one-way non-rebreathing valve and disposable airways provide maximum protection against cross-contamination.

Supplied with a washable jogging suit, child springs, 10 disposable lower airways, 10 disposable tracheal airways, five sanitary facemasks and a carrying case. Features include:

  • Palpable anatomical landmarks (xiphoid, navel, nipples, and rib cage)
  • Adult CPR training with optional child springs
  • Fully articulated head, neck and jaw
  • Palpable carotid pulse

With electronic connections

Size: 91.5 x 53.5 x 33 cm

Weight: 28 kg