External Cephalic Version

External Cephalic Version LM080

Representing 36th weeks of Japanese pregnant women. ECV technique can be practiced. By pouring glycerin as simulation amniotic fluid into the amniotic sac, ECV technique can be practiced with the rotation of fetus. The amniotic fluid can be changed on purpose.


  • Made of a special silicone rubber, the skin of this accurately shaped model feel very much like human skin, providing trainee with aremarkably realistic experience.
  • This life-sized model can be used for ECV(rotation of fetus), external pelvic measurement and breast care.
  • The shape of amniotic sac comply to the pelvic makes realistic training possible.
  • The head, hands and legs of fetus is harder than other part, and the backbone is structured at the back, so the fetus conditions can be palpated on the skin.
  • The volume of amniotic fluid can be adjusted.

Practical Training

  • ECV(rotation of fetus )
  • External pelvic measurement
  • Breast care