Ear Examination Simulator

Ear Examination Simulator II - MW12

Otoscope training with an alarm for painful insertions

Ear Examination Simulator II is an upgraded trainer to acquire safe and reliable skills for examining the external acoustic meatus and tympanic membrane with a direct otoscope. Featured is an alarm when painful insertion is detected. The alarm has two modes: self-learning mode (with a beep), and instructor mode (silent).


  • 1. Alarm against painful insertion:
    • - beep (self learning mode)
    • - red light/yellow light (instructor mode)
  • 2. 9 major cases are preset.
  • 3. Quick switch between cases.
  • 4. Ear canals come in 2 sizes.
  • 5. Anatomically correct soft ear model that allows training in straightening the auditory canal by pulling the auricle.
  • 6. Work with a real otoscope.
  • 7. The manikin neck can be tilted.
  • 8. Training is possible with both left and right ears.