Infant Model for Nursing

Infant Model for Nursing Practice - LM-052

An average infant female model of approximately 6 - 9 months (Approx. 8 kg), to be used for various kinds of practice in infant Nursing.


  • The Skin is made od a unique silicone rubber that closely resembles that of real skin and creates a seamless structure over the whole body, which is waterproof. Various nursing practices can be performed in the handling of an actual human infant can be taught using this model.

Practical Training

  • Holding
  • Changing clothes and diapers
  • Exercise of baby, shifting the sleeping position
  • Feeding baby food
  • Breastfeeding, patting the back to burp a baby
  • Bathing and washing the hair
  • Measuring (height, weight, circumference of the head, size and position of the fonticulus anterior, etc.)
  • Overall observation of the body (appearance, confirmation of position): Visual observation (intra-oral examination), auscultation, tapping examination and palpation
  • Rectal temperature (apparent), Measuring blood pressure (supporting the arms in front and medical examination)
  • Insertion of a feeding catheter
  • Suction of the nasal and oral cavities
  • Securing the body position for blood collection, spinal or lumbar puncture

Examples of Training