Male Catheterization and Enema Simulator

Male Catheterization and Enema Simulator LM-109M

The simulator imitates the shape of the urethral canal peculiar to a male. A catheterization catheter is inserted according to a suitable technique to reach the bladder. This causes urine (water) to flow out.

The feel of the penis is closely similar to that of a living body penis. Techniques such as disinfecting of surroundings of the urethral exit and cleaning of the pubic area can be performed. The main body can be separated at an exact middle so that the shape of the urethral canal, the insertion state of the catheter, and the anatomical positional relationship can be studied


  • The simulator is shaped to imitate the bending of the scrotal-angled portion of theurethral canal and the bulbar urethra. That is, the simulator is configured such that it is difficult to insert the catheter if the penis is not appropriately raised.
  • Techniques, such as peeling of the foreskin, disinfecting and cleaning, can be performed.
  • The motion of the penis is also close to that of a living body penis.This enables the practice of fixing the penis.
  • The main body can be separated, and the urethral canal and bladder are transparent. This enables instruction for checking the insertion state of the catheter into the urethral canal and the balloon in the bladder.
  • By exchanging the prostate part, the urethral stricture due to hypertrophy can be reproduced.
  • The simulator is of an actual size by which a catheterization and glycerin enema for an adult male can be practiced.
  • Since soft and stretchable materials are used for the pubic area, the appearance and the feel are realistic to give presence when practicing.
  • A series of techniques of catheterization, such as disinfecting of the pubic area, inserting, fixing, and removing of a catheter, can be practiced.
  • The attached tool exclusive to a glycerin enema can be inserted through the anus to the rectum. This enables the practice for the glycerin enema.