Cryotur Stream Technology

Cold therapy has been recognized as a means for relieving pain and reducing swelling since antiquity. Koolio is an optimal air cooling device that generates cold air for skin cooling and can be applied with 9 air-flow-levels depending on operation environment.

Cold air is created in dosages to withdraw the specified body warmth. Room air is drawn into the device, filtered and cooled to the required therapy temperature (around -30°C). Local cold damage is prevented by proper application.

Special features

  • To relieve pain and discomfort from all thermal heat procedures
  • Stable cooling temperature and continual performance
  • Powerful cooling air temperature below -30°C
  • FND screen with touch button
  • Auto self-detection controlling system
  • Continuous compressing for an immediate use (standby mode)
  • Self-defrosting system for the best cooling performance
  • 9 variable cooling fan speeds for various selection

Therapeutic device capable to produce a real deep thermal shock effect.The thermal shock is a physiological stress produced by sudden or rapid temperature variations in the local tissues.The Cryotherm HT not only allows to perform cryotherapy or hyperthermia separately but also and above all thermal shock therapy in a dynamic and controlled way.Hypertherm, transdermal cryothermica and thermal shock can be modulated in depth and intensity.The Cryotherm HT is equipped with a treatment head based on the technology of Peltier cells capable of generating heat or subtracting heat in a range from +45°C to -18°C.