Air Disinfection

Air Disinfection

The Our Products system is a novel concept to both deliver pure air to immune compromised patients and to remove harmful aerosols from infected patients. This unique system, where the air delivery or extraction is made through the canopy support structure, allows a clear view of the patient and minimizes any feelings of claustrophobia. It is assembled in minutes and can be attached to the bed or the wall.

Using contained airflow as the primary barrier method we can protect patients from environmental risks such as aspergillus and other fungal material. The delivered air quality is ISO 5 that can then maintain ISO 6 under the canopy for as long as is required.

Microbiological tests show that <1cfu/m3 is achieved within 10 minutes of installation and this stabilized level can be maintained for the duration of the patients’ care.

Zips allow easy access to the patient with minimal compromise to the airflow pattern and recovery to the stabilized levels is achieved within 2 minutes.

By having the opportunity for speedy and temporary isolation in any room condition hospitals can help reduce nosocomial infections, to ensure staff safety and to provide the best patient care.

The BPF TechnologyTM

The Our Products process uses a multi stage BPF ‘Balanced Pressure Filtration’ technology to ensure that the designed parameters for filter material are maintained. Monitoring of filter performance is made using differential pressure sensors and a usage timer will prompt the operator when the designed life of the filter block is reached.

Our Products TM Medical

Designed specifically to create short-term high level protected environments for immunocompromised patients and those at risk from untreated air. A continuous supply of ISO5 quality air creates a positive flow to prevent contaminated air entering the canopy. The uniform downward airflow ranges from 40 to 110 ACH depending on the canopy size being used.

Our Products ISO

This containment version removes aerosols that are contaminated with viral or bacterial content by using a continual negative flow that ensures nothing escapes from the canopy. The ISO version has an integral pulsed ionization disinfection system to reduce microbiology contained in the filters. and is suitable for emergency use on TB, Swine Flu, SARS, MERS etc.



The canopy is assembled in minutes. The structure can be attached to the bed frame, or fixed to a wall. A ‘whole bed’ canopy can be specified for longer-term patient care and comfort. Canopy material is Crystal medical grade PVC that can be cleaned with normal biocides.

Air Flow

In day mode, Our Products delivers 112 m3/hr and 83 m3/hr on night mode (after pressure drop) with sound levels of 39 dB and 32 dB respectively at 2m. Airflow exiting the canopy prevents contaminated air from entering in the Medical version and in the ISO system the airflow into the canopy prevents egress.


Zips are on the front corners of the canopy for easy patient access, zips are on all 4 corners of the whole bed version. Medical lines are passed through ports in the rear panel.


LED display shows room temperature, remaining days of filter use, fan speed selection and warning signal.

Air Delivery

Rigid plastic, round airflow tunnel between canopy and filter unit with adjustable height, length and direction.

Filter Module

Filters are safely encased in a secure pod to prevent direct hand contact when replacing.

Additional Features

1. Canopies can be ordered in 1.2 m or 2.0 m lengths for simple short-term isolation or full bed containment for longer term patient care.

2. Medical services are provided to the patient through sealed ports on the rear panel and drip stands can be accommodated under the canopy as normal.

3. Replacement of the filter block is made with no hand contact to the filters to ensure total safety.


Designed Power – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 25 W max.

Axial fan – up to 245m3/hr (before filters).

Airflow – 83 m3/ hr, 112 m3/hr after filters.

IEC moulded lead 2 m & AMP plug.


Canopy height – (variable) to 190 cm .

Canopy width – 120 cm

Length – 120 cm, 200 cm

IEC moulded lead 2 m & AMP plug.


Filter unit:- 69x32x32 cm. 19.6 Kgs

Packed:- 70x38x38 cm. 24.8 Kgs

Canopy: variable size. 6 Kgs Packed:-

130x30x20 cm. 8 Kgs


The Our Products TM filtration module is covered by a 1- year international guarantee against faulty manufacture.