Delivery Beds Electric

Delivery Beds Electric

Birthing Bed - LM-01.4

Delivery bed designed for patients of maternity-gynaecology wards.

The height adjustment and also adjustments of the back rest and seat segment inclination angles are facilitated by means of electric actuators thanks to foot control pedals. The panels located in side rails can control all electric functions of the bed except the seat segment inclination. The seat segment is controlled with foot controller and central control panel, located in the rear part of the pallet. The central panel allows for steering the electric functions or their blocking. In case of a temporary power failure (in emergency situations) it is possible to carry out a few cycles till a battery built in the control system is discharged. Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions are adjusted with gas springs with interlocking in bed LM-01.4. The bed is equipped with a CPR function, which enables quick leveling back rest inclination manually in case of emergency.

Delivery Bed - FREYA 3

A modern versatile delivery bed, supported by 3 columns, electrically controlled

A market leader in safety, stability, and versatility, Freya 3, can be controlled by means of one of the three systems: central panel (su­pervisor), remote control cable or control keyboards placed in the rails. Panels on the outer side of the rails enable fast adjustment to the Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg position. The central control panel enables immediate setting of classic positions (Fowl­er, „zero”, examination, „cardiologic”).