Full Body Education Grade Synthetic Human Cadaver

Full Body Education Grade Synthetic Human Cadaver

Our Anatomy Model includes major skeletal, muscular and some of the cartilaginous structures present in typical human anatomy. It is a full sized, head-to-toe anatomical model.

Models are extremely realistic synthetic representation of human anatomy. This education-grade synthetic human includes bones, joints, muscles, organs and tendons that exist in human anatomy. Major nervous system and vascular components are also included.


The Anatomy Model is an ideal alternative to using human cadavers in basic anatomy classes. The tissues offer a better representation of live tissue than the dead tissue of a cadaver and, unlike an actual cadaver, the Model can last for years if properly maintained.

Thanks to this technology, students can become familiar with the look and feel of a live human body without specialized facilities, risk of exposure to biohazards or compromising a live patient.