Ultrasound Quality Assurance Phantoms US-2

Durable and stable. KYOTO KAGAKU original phantom material does not change in property or in shape over times, allowing reliable periodical quality check always with the same phantom

The phantom material also excels in its homogeneous granular background reflection.



N-365 Multipurpose Phantom

Useful both for daily assessment and further research. Gray scale for evaluation, cyst targets with nonresonance cylinders, line targets for geometrical evaluation including close range (dead zone) resolution, axial and lateral resolution are prepared for scanning.
The phantom is designed to allow scanning from all four side walls.
N-060 QA Phantom

Basic quality assurance phantom for daily assessment with cyst targets and line targets.

N-255 Cyst Phantom

Probe performance can be evaluated up to 200 mm depth.
Geometrical resolution and permeability can be assessed

N-211 String Phantom

Nylon strings targets for image distortion assessment,

axial resolution and angular resolution.


Common Specifications


Urethane elastomer, acryl, nylon


Acoustic Features:

  • Sonic velocity: 1440m/sec at 25 degrees C
  • Acoustic impedance: 1.38Rayl at 25 degree C


Set includes:

1 phantom each
1 carrying case each


Phantom size:

19 x 22 x 7 cm, 3.6 kg


Packing size:

35 x 36 x 24cm, 6 kg