Strength Building Equipments

Inclined Chest Press
  • This machine has been conceived to isolate at best the upper area of the pectorals.
  • The converging trajectory of the exercise arms serve to simulate the natural movement of muscles involved.
  • Ensures for every user the correct posture and maximum functional performance.
Abductor Machine



  • Born with the objective of improving the strength and resistance of the leg abductor muscles.
  • The frame allows for a comfortable and ergonomic seating position thanks to the anatomical padding in polyurethane.
  • The frontal weight pack is easy to use and offers privacy during exercise performance.
Adductor Machine



  • This machine has been conceived and developed to efficiently stimulate the adductor muscles of the legs.
  • The converging trajectory of the levers serve to reproduce in a complete and functional manner the natural movement of the adductors.
  • The presence of a cam guarantees optimum load tension during all the arch of movement.
Lower Back



  • Allows for back workout in a complete and safe manner without creating stress on the joint structure of the back.
  • The seating position is characterized by an anatomic padding that provides the correct lumbar region support.
  • The cams profile guarantees optimum load distribution.