Sectra Visualization Table

The Sectra Table


With the Sectra Table, Anatomy Teaching is enhanced using interactive natural-size 3D views of real patients’ Anatomy charts, rendered from CT or MR images. Users can visualize skeletal tissue, muscles, organs and soft tissue by virtually slicing, segmenting or peeling off layers of tissue. It helps students to gain a deeper understanding of the Anatomy charts, functions and processes inside the body and contributes to improved quality of education.


Sectra Table is a multi-touch screen for interactive learning and teaching. It comes with an Anatomy charts atlas and model cases (a number of pre-prepared clinical cases based on medical images), but you can easily add your own cases. Sectra’s offering also includes a workspace for advanced preparation and organization of cases.



With the possibility of repeated interaction with virtual representations of real bodies rendered from clinical imaging throughout their education, students, residents and medical professionals are able to gain deeper understanding and insight into Anatomy charts, and the functions and processes inside the body. Easy access to all types of medical images, including 3D renderings, provides the ability to demonstrate anatomical variations and, in combination with the possibility to study multiple cases, this contributes to enhanced medical education and clinical training.


When interpreting clinical images, students often benefit from having a reference. Sectra Table includes an interactive whole body atlas built on real Anatomy charts from the Visible Human Project® and a human Anatomy charts atlas. Students can visualize and interact with over 2,000 anatomical structures in 3D and cross-sectional views as well as hundreds of quizzes. Users can also import and open all DICOM format data, thereby expanding their teaching curriculum to not only include model cases, but also real ones with pathological and anatomical variations.


• More than 20 years’ experience as a leading innovator in medical IT systems.
• Sectra PACS ranked “Best in KLAS” for two consecutive years - 2013 and 2014.
• High delivery reliability and extensive experience in migration and integration.
• Experience with a wide range of complex, large-scale solution deployments.
• Customer-driven development ensures efficient solutions that make a difference in our users’ daily work.
• Close collaboration with research centers and universities to apply leading-edge technology.
• Strong, stable, public company founded in Sweden in 1978 with positive financial performance. 

Prepare To Be an Even Better Teacher

Using either Sectra Table or the preparation workspace that comes with it, teachers can further enhance training by preparing the images and cases in advance. They can prepare specific clip planes or clip spheres to see the inside of the body, bone  segmentations for focus on different anatomical parts or modify the presets to highlight different layers and systems in the body. All preparations can be saved and later accessed using the bookmark feature. Apart from the actual image, teachers can also prepare notes and comments to each case, including measurements, a case story about the patient or questions for students to answer. Comments or notes can easily be hidden/ shown to enhance the learning experience. One benefit of working with a full PACS system is that teachers are able to organize prepared cases for different classes and topics by creating multiple worklists. This makes it easy for both students and teachers to quickly find the cases relevant to each specific occasion.

The knowledge to meet expectations.The passion to exceed them. 

At Sectra, everything we do is driven by a desire to make a difference. Both you, and in turn, your patients will perceive this difference as added value. Since our first PACS installation in the early 1990s, Sectra has continued to focus on medical imaging IT products and innovations. Our experienced employees are dedicated to improving your workplace environment, which will ultimately lead to improved and more efficient care for your patients. Perhaps that explains why our solutions are used so successfully by more than 1,700 care providers throughout the world.

Radiology training
Sectra Table is compatible with all imaging modalities,enabling users to easily download suitable references. Furthermore,they have access to the same tools radiologistsuse in their clinical environment. 

Histology training
Sectra supports a new pathology viewer where users canimport histology images with different staining and linkthem to the patient’s CT or MR scan. This combinationallows students to first view a patient’s Anatomy charts and then zoom in and study the pathological changes at the tissuelevel.

Orthopaedic/Surgical training
Sectra Table provides an optional add-on for 3D preoperativeplanning. These tools allow users to interactivelyevaluate and discuss different cases and strategies, makingthe table ideal for surgical training.

Veterinary medicine
Sectra Table brings in imaging data from any species.Combined with the ability to share data for all veterinaryspecialties, this solution is well suited to training in theveterinary sciences.

Sports Medicine
Access to three-dimensional views of tendons, musclesand ligaments facilitates teaching of sports-related softtissue injuries and supports discussion and communicationaround treatment strategies with individuals suffering from these and other conditions.

Simulations Labs
Sectra Table can improve human patient simulators byintroducing an internal view of the simulation experience.


Forensic Medicine

The post mortem imaging available in Sectra Tablefacilitates the ability to perform virtual autopsies over andover again, making the table the perfect complement tocadaver-based dissections.


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