Typ LS 40 2.0


This training device has been specially developed for percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and allows a safe and realistic learning this method of therapy in urology.


The system simulates a patient in the prone position with the corresponding body cutout for the operation. An internal training module (Training substrate LSN) with integrated kidney body, the skin layer overlying and a special filling medium in between, allowing performing all operational techniques to extract the kidney stones.


The PCNL trainer offers a unique opportunity to learn all the necessary individual steps and practical training. Of the location and the puncture with or without ultrasound support, on the dilation of the puncture channel to the next stone extraction and / or stone fragmentation with their different techniques.


Due to the soft and flexible materials, the puncture of the pelvicaliceal system and subsequent dilation of the tract are possible.


Calyceal stones and renal pelvic stones are already present in the kidney. An external access to the renal pelvis allows the insertion of a balloon ureteral catheter.


Depending wear the training module (Training substrate LSN) is simply replaced after the procedure, and thus the operational readiness restored. The resulting costs are reduced and thus the downtime is reduced.


If a camera system requires, provides a complete system consisting of equipment rack, a touch screen monitor with PC and a camera training the optimal solution. The camera may be simply attached to the existing endoscope. A light source and the fiber optic complete the system.