Lokomat® Pro

LokomatPro automates gait therapy on a treadmill and improves gait training efficiency. Developed in close cooperation with leading clinical and scientific partners, LokomatPro supports therapists and patients in successfully reaching their therapy goals. 


NEW FreeD Module

Available as a module for the LokomatPro, FreeD supports weight shift and balance activation through lateral and rotational movements of the pelvis.


Augmented Performance Feedback incl. NEW Challenge Package

The Augmented Performance Feedback and Challenge Package offers exciting, game-like exercises that increase patient's motivation and effort. As they receive a score for active movements, the patients are motivated to improve their movement quality.


Effective Gait Training

Therapy with the LokomatPro has established itself as an effective intervention for improving over-ground walking function in neurological patients worldwide. More publications on the Lokomat training have been published in peer-reviewed journals than for any other robotic device for lower extremity rehabilitation, showing positive results and functional improvements.

A Cochrane Review on the efficacy of robot-assisted gait training in stroke patients found significant evidence that patients who receive this training in combination with physiotherapy are more likely to achieve independent walking than people who receive only conventional gait training. The review concludes that every fifth dependency in walking after stroke could be avoided if robot-assisted devices were used.


Increased Efficiency

The LokomatPro has a high potential of return on investment. It allows the therapist to focus on the patient and the actual therapy by relieving the physical strain on the therapist. Thus, it enhances staff efficiency and safety, leading to higher training intensity, more treatments per therapist and consistent, superior patient care.

Based on strong scientific evidence and its excellent reputation among experts worldwide, the LokomatPro offers your patients a modern, renowned and effective locomotion therapy that attracts referrals and patients. As a pioneer in robotic gait training, the LokomatPro is based on more than 15 years of experience with over 600 devices installed worldwide.


Most Physiological Gait Pattern

The Lokomat orthosis is adjustable to the patient’s individual anatomy. The width of the pelvis, length of upper and lower leg, and size and position of the leg cuffs can be conveniently adjusted assuring a comfortable training. The hip and knee joint angles are constantly monitored by the software to ensure the most physiological and precisely reproducible gait pattern.

Combined with Levi, the patented dynamic body weight support system, the orthoses ensure a natural swing phase, physiological weight-bearing during stance phase and significant hip extension at terminal stance. These factors are considered to be of crucial importance in relearning a natural gait pattern and the effectiveness of the training.



The Lokomat orthoses are equipped with force sensors that accurately measure the patient's strength and effort, and provide information about the interaction between the patient and the Lokomat. The adjustable Guidance Force allows optimal challenge by providing the patient with as much freedom as possible for each leg. In combination with the Path Control feature, patients can actively influence their leg movements within a safe and supportive environment. These possibilities provide a most challenging training at each stage of rehabilitation, as well as specific therapy for unilaterally affected patients.


Assessment Tools

The Assessment Tools of the LokomatPro provide ongoing assessment of the patient's motor functions and allow monitoring of the recovery progress and precise evaluation of the patient's abilities. The LokomatPro offers the following tools for a convenient assessment of the main problems of neurologic patients:

L-WALK: Allows the clinician to compare the patient's walking endurance over several training sessions. The patient's walking activity is measured by force transducers integrated in the joints of the Gait Orthosis.
L-STIFF: Measures the mechanical stiffness of the patient's joints while passively moving the legs in a specific pattern.
L-FORCE: Evaluates the isometric force generated by the patient while in a static position.
L-ROM: Offers the measurement of the range of motion used during a passive or active movement without support by the Lokomat drives.


Orthopedic Storage

The Lokomat portfolio provides two orthopedic storage solutions, which allow ergonomic handling of the orthopedic material and faster training preparation. The orthopedic storage is an optional accessory to the Lokomat and is available for the LokomatNanos and the LokomatPro. The Orthopedic Storage offers the following advantages:

Safe and easy storage
Easier training preparation
Faster patient set-up
More ergonomical handling of orthopedic material and orthoses


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