Infant Hip Sonography Training Phantom US-13

This is the world's first training phantom with ultrasound anatomy of a 6-week-old infant and it expands training opportunities for pediatricians, radiologists and orthopedists. Before working on real infants, trainees can repetitively practice on this phantom to become familiar with the examination procedures and key points. Using real ultrasound devices, trainees can learn key ultrasound landmarks to identify standard plane for Graf's classification. This is a foundation to acquire skills in handling and positioning of the baby as well as correct positioning of the transducer.
  1. The market's only training model for hip sonography on a full body manikin of 6-week-old infant
  2. Bilateral hips for examination
  3. Key landmarks that can be recognized under ultrasound include:
      - chondro-osseous junction (bony part of femoral neck),
      - femoral head, synovial fold, joint capsule, labrum,
      - hyaline cartilage preformed acetabular roof,
      - bony part of acetabular roof, bony rim (check list I),
      - lower limb of os ilium, correct plane, labrum (check list II).
   4. Facilitate anatomical understanding
   5. The full body manikin with movable arms allows training in supporting and changing the position of the


Training Skills:

  • Setting and preparation for hip sonography
  • Changing the position of the infant
  • Communication and interaction with the infant's guardian
  • Correct positioning and use of the transducer
  • Recognition of ultrasonic landmarks for hip sonography
  • Visualization of standard, anterior and posterior planes
  • Interpretation and morphological classification of the sonogram


Mainkin Size: W55 x D25 x H13 cm, Weight: 3Kg


Set Includes:

1 ultrsound infant phantom

1 instruction manual