Patient mobilization and sensory stimulation


TheThe Erigo® is a robotic rehabilitation device designed for the mobilization of patients with circulatory, neurological, or musculoskeletal conditions. The Erigo combines gradual verticalization with cyclic leg movements and loading in order to increase tolerance of the patient to an upright or standing position. The Erigo is available both in a standard (ErigoBasic) and advanced version (ErigoPro). With the ErigoPro, patient stimulation can be additionally enhanced by synchronized functional electrical stimulation (FES).

Advantages of Erigo® based therapy


  • Combines verticalization, leg movement and cyclic loading
  • Supports and facilitates patient mobilization
  • Activates the cardiovascular system
  • Intensive afferent sensory stimulation
  • Repetitive physical motion reduces spasticity in some patients
  • May reduce risk of secondary complications caused by immobility
  • May improve alertness in vegetative state patients
  • Relieves physical strain on therapists
  • Easy to use