Clinical Skill Lab & Simulators

Recent technological advancements and innovations have generated possibilities in healthcare training that were previously unavailable. Not least amongst these advances, is the degree in which patient simulators replicate realistic physiological responses to an ever increasing range of defined clinical interventions. Instructors can now create; control, and deviate clinical scenarios through sophisticated software and this way optimize learning opportunities. But perhaps most important of all, simulation offers the means to set a consistent and universally agreed standard for patient care, by which all performances can be measured and standardized. However, the technology does not define simulation, but facilitates it and supports the established elements of the widely accepted UT stein Formula for improved survival.


We believe that simulation training for Healthcare Professionals is pivotal in our common goal to improve patient outcomes. Simulation provides the opportunity to train staff without risk to patients. The ability to practice frequently and manage complex medical scenarios helps prevent medical errors, and the subsequent detailed feedback promotes discussion and reinforces the learning process. Simulation will enable your staff to deliver better quality patient care with more integrity, improved consistency, and enhanced confidence.


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Importers / Distributors in India for High quality Japanese Simulators manufactured by our Foreign Principals M/s Kyoto Kagaku Co. Ltd. Japan and M/s Koken Co. Ltd., Japan. These Simulators are made of High Quality Silicon giving you real feel of Human Body and are Very sturdy to stand against wear and tear due to regular use in your institution for years.


We are sure that these Simulators will certainly help any Institute to stand out As a Quality education Providers from the crowd of Medical Colleges and Nursing Schools and will help to Achieve Teaching and Revenue Objectives.