Cardio Fitness Equipments




  • Led Display
  • Low running design platform
  • ushioned treadmill shock absorber
  • Heart rate reading and test
  • 9 workout profile


This treadmill offers a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h and is continuously adjustable in a range of 0,1 - 12 km/h (0.1 - 7.5 mph) and can be combined with the adjustable side handrails. Together with the elevation of 0-25%, this treadmill is the solution for use in cardiology, pulmonary function and physiotherapy settings. Pediatric front and side handrails are also available. These features together with the heart rate controlled protocols make this treadmill perfectly suitable for rehabilitation purposes. With the reclining entrance plate the access to the treadmill is even easier. The treadmill can be controlled with the control unit or by external equipment.