Breva Ankle CPM Machine

The Kinetec Breva provides anatomically correct motion to the ankle and rear foot. It can be used in bed or while sitting in a chair.


• Two dimensional movements possible :
             Plantar Flexion 40° to Dorsiflexion 30°
             Eversion 25° to Inversion 25°

 Advanced hand control to maximise programs and protocols


• Indications

  • Passive mobilisation of the following fractures after internal fixation:
    • Malleolar fractures
    • Tibial pilon fractures
    • Talar fractures
    • Calcaneal fractures
  • Mobilisation of the joints of the foot after operative or conservative treatment of lesions of the:
  • Achilles tendon
    • Lateral collateral ligament
    • Medial collateral ligament
    • Surgical lengthening of the Achilles tendon for post-traumatic stiffness.


Digital adjustment:

  • Warm-Up: Offers the patient a gradual progression to the pre-set full ROM.
  • Modulation: Allows manual setting of the ROM end-point based on patient tolerance.
  • ROM By Pass: Allows bypassing the pre-set ROM end points during the current treatment session.
  • Programme: Allows set-up of up to 16 customised programmes.
  • Timer: Adjustment of the session time.
  • Force: Work out of Concentric / Eccentric.
  • Pause: Adjustable in extension or flexion limit. Allowing the rest or the posture.


 Technical Specifications:

  • Remote control dedicated storage place when the machine is not used or during transport
  • Possibility to lock the adjustment of the parameters
  • Exclusive Load Reserve ensures patient protection when excessive force is exerted on the joint
  • Foot sizing: from 19 cm(7 Inch) to 29 cm (11 Inch)
  • Weight: 12.5 kg (27.5 lb)
  • Speed: from 50° to 150° per minute.
  • Size: 56cm (22 Inch) x 37cm (15 Inch) x 45m (18 Inch)
  • Voltage: from 100 to 240 Volts 50/60Hz
  • Electrical power: 50VA
  • Type B Class I electrical device
  • The patient can stop and reverse the movement at any time