Helping patients to grasp the initiative and reach towards recovery


The Armeo Therapy Concept is a sustainable and powerful therapy concept for individuals who have suffered stroke, traumatic brain injuries or other neurological disorders resulting in hand and arm impairment. It combines an adjustable Arm Weight support, with a wide range of self-initiated, functional and motivational exercises (Augmented Feedback) and Assessment Tools for an accurate monitoring of the patient's recovery progress.



The ArmeoPower has been specifically designed for patients with severe movement impairment who have no voluntary activation of their arm muscles yet.

The equipment combines adjustable, ergonomic guidance of the impaired arm with interactive therapy exercises, where motors assist the patient as much as needed.



The ArmeoSpring is specifically suited for patients who are beginning to regain active movement of the arm and hand, and has already proved to be successful in many clinics worldwide. 

Mounted on a trolley for quick and easy positioning, the ArmeoSpring offers various self-initiated repeti¬tive therapies to increase the patient's range of motion and selective control. The self-directed exercises motivate the patient to exert intense levels of both concentration and coordination.



The versatile and easy-to-use solution to motivate and challenge patients with moderate-mild impairments of the upper extremity


Highly Intesive Arm TherapySelf-initiated, motivating and repetitive arm movement therapy in a 3D workspace for patients with mild moderate impairment, Versatile and easy to use Easily adaptable to different settings and safely operated by patients, Optimized efficiency - Enables group settings and Extra Time settings to maximize therapy time, compact and user friendly design. A hand module allows the patient to interact with the Augmented Perfomance Feedback through gripping function.